the university of massachusetts amherst
  • UMass Amherst Professor James Smethurst stands in front of a chalkboard mural in New Africa House.

    black arts matter

    scholar’s exploration of black arts movement reveals ties to current times

    james smethurst is a scholar of 20th-century african american literature, culture and intellectual history and professor in the umass amherst w.e.b. du bois department of afro-american studies. his... more

  • UMass Amherst Professor Jane Kent stands in front of the Totman building.

    moving as we age

    umass physiologist seeks to alter our approach to muscle dysfunction in aging

    what happens to our muscles as we age? and exactly where, when, and how do mobility problems develop in older adults? chair of kinesiology jane kent has a multisystem approach to addressing these... more

  • Schematic of protein nanowires harvested from microbe Geobacter facilitating the electronic memristor device to function with biological voltages, emulating the neuronal components in a brain.

    new frontier

    umass researchers unveil breakthrough electronics that mimic brain signals

    only 10 years ago, scientists working on what they hoped would open a new frontier of neuromorphic computing could only dream of a device using miniature tools called memristors that would function/... more

  • Cronavirus molecule superimposed on world map.

    predicting the pandemic

    umass amherst expert works day and night to curb covid-19

    as a noted infectious-disease biostatistician, nick reich sensed this day might come, when his expertise would be called on to help keep the world a few steps ahead of a virulent pandemic. the... more

  • UMass Amherst Professor Anna Nagurney stands in the Isenberg Innovation wing.

    covid-19 and the supply chain

    umass amherst professor studies supernetworks and disaster relief

    if you didn’t know what a supply chain was a month ago, you do now. we are feeling them palpably, through strikes of essential workers, surgical mask shortages, and bleak shelves in the paper-... more

  • Rising Researcher banner.

    unconventional thinkers

    umass undergraduates transcend traditional approaches to research and scholarship

    a revolutionary spirit runs through our veins at umass amherst. it inspires us to think in new ways and to challenge convention. this semester we celebrate eight students with the rising researcher... more